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seo traffic
Are you looking to establish first-time rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo, remedy dated optimization or drive an existing site to the top? Sturm Consulting provides the tools and expertise you need to make it happen.
Having a website is necessary for every business, but if potential clients/customers cannot find your website you are not going to make money. At Sturm Consulting, we analyze your website and access needs, what Web users are looking for and how your competitors are ranking. With this information, we can help your business create an effective SEO strategy.

Checklist for SEO

  • Get reliable Keyword Tool
  • Use Keywords in Titles body of all documents
  • Attach meta tags with keywords to all documents
  • Set Alt tags to images and populate them with keywords
  • Use On site and Off site links as much as possible
  • Use keywords in the domain name and taglines
  • Submit articles with keywords and backlinks to other sites
  • Install full site-map

Here's a breakdown of Search Traffic Sources:

  • Search (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, etc.): 45.0%
  • Direct (Bookmark + Type-In): 15%
  • Feed (RSS via Feedburner): 7%
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Hacker News, StumbleUpon): 10%
  • Partners (Distilled, Open Site Explorer, WebsiteGrader): 2.5%
  • Blogs (SELand, SERoundtable, AVC, etc.): 2.0%
  • Forums (Business Forum, Google Hangouts, etc.): 1%
  • PPC (AdWords): 0.5%
  • Other (uncategorized + everything else): 17.0%

Traffic Source Diversity is Essential for Successful SEO

For website owners, understanding their site's traffic patterns, including where traffic comes from and what drives it, is crucial. Determining how visitors get to a webpage is vital to evaluating the effectiveness of search engine optimization and backlinking campaigns. One look at the dashboard in a service like Google Analytics can give site owners a mountain of beneficial information, including a detailed overview of traffic sources.

On a high level, traffic sources are typically broken down into three categories:

Search TrafficReferral Traffic, and Direct Traffic.

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